FansGrower is a simple and convenient tool for exchanging posts between fan pages.

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Why is the number of fans on the fanpages so important?

The formula of success on Facebook is very simple - the more active fans - the more people you will inform about your products and services. That's why millions of companies around the world daily publish new information on their pages.

The likelihood of making purchases and orders for your goods and services increases with the increase in coverage of publications.

The success of any business on Facebook today depends the size of your audience.

FansGrower is the fast growth of your business on Facebook!

This is the case when size is really matter 😉

What do you get with FansGrower?

  • Viral content

    Using share4share module your publication will see more people

  • Interactions with publications

    Your posts will get  more like, comments and shares

  • More fans

    Increase in coverage will lead to new subscribers and fans

  • Rate up

    Thanks to built-in Share4Share module, pages grow much faster

  • Traffic

    A huge number of interested users will visit your web sites

  • Simple interface

    We made FansGrower simple, convenient, and most importantly understandable for all users

Look at these two examples of posts with popular pictures-quotes, placed on the same page.

Without FansGrower
With FansGrower

As you can see, the picture we used FansGrower was applied received significantly more likes and reposts. As a result, more users saw it.

And here are examples of using FansGrower for video publications

Thanks to FansGrower this video received 5 thousand likes, 118 comments and more than 5 thousand reposts, and the number of coverage was more than 574 000. If we would promote this post with paid advertising, then for such coverage we would have to pay more than 400 dollars.

Here's another video that we've been promoting with FansGrower. It received 12 thousand likes, 305 comments and more than 18 thousand outposts, and the number of users covered amounted to more than 1 million 800 thousand. If we used paid advertising for so many users, then we would have to pay more than 1380 dollars.

And this video-publication received more than 18 thousand likes, more than 1,000 comments and more than (ATTENTION !!!) 100 thousand outposts, and the number of users covered was more than 13 million. Advertising for such a number of users costs more than 10,000 dollars!!!

Thanks to FansGrower, we got such a result completely for free!

The FansGrower platform is built on the basis of the Share4Share module - a system for exchanging posts between fan pages.

Such mutually beneficial cooperation allows to increase the audience coverage for publications.

The more the audience gets our publications, the more users interact with them. Some of these users become fans and subscribers of our fan pages.

Thanks to FansGrower our pages grow much faster than without using FansGrower.

And all this without huge advertising budget!

And this is the statistics of visits to one of our sites by subscribers of our fan pages, which we collected, thanks to FansGrower.

In just 1 month, more than 350,000 Facebook users came to our site. They visited the site more than 1 million times and viewed over 1 million 600 thousand pages.

If you are engaged in sales in Internet, then you understand the value of each visitor on your site.



Then you need FansGrower!



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